My Wishlist For 2020

Decided to put together a list of things I’d like to see occur, in no particular order.

Don’t take it too seriously.

Coverage of every match

How can you make it a requirement of a Challenger in Vietnam to show all four courts on a livestream but some tour level events can get away with not having every court available to be viewed?

I’m not asking for full TV production either. A simple fixed camera will suffice. Anything is better than nothing. It’s 2020 soon, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Players to get there own towels:

Somebody for the love of God tell me how this is not a thing? I watched a couple of matches during the Dallas Challenger this year in which players were visibly ill due to a virus that was going round; as a result ball kids were having to handle towels that became virus filled rags. It needs to stop.


Admittedly I have no interest in computer games but that’s irrelevant as millions of others do. If there’s a good tennis game out there that gets played online then find a way to integrate the live tennis experience with the online world by bringing players to Masters events to battle it out over the course of the season and then have a grand final. Stream the action and use it as an alternative way to try and get a younger crowd interested.

A New Men’s Major Winner

So many are poised and ready. Time to step up fellas.

Auto Twitter Ban

For whom you ask? Any clown who has their favourite players name as their @. There’s an undoubted correlation between them doing that and then displaying an IQ that isn’t yet in the double digits.

The Laver Cup

Ignoring my feelings on it, why can’t it be hosted on a weekend when there’s not proper tennis being played? It’s utterly disrespectful to tournament organisers to host it during a week in which they’re desperately hoping to attract the best players possible.

Gamblers – Stop Abusing Players

There’s a subtle difference between criticism and outright abuse. Actually, it’s not subtle and you should know the bloody difference. Grow up.

Carrying on from the above: “Tipsters” who sell packages

This is actually directed at recreational gamblers:

There is sufficient free content out there that you shouldn’t be paying someone for tips. Gambling should be fun and if you’re working a job then please don’t see it as a legitimate option for additional funds; especially if you lack the confidence in your own picks to the extent that you’ll consider paying someone else for theirs.

From a personal standpoint I have a moral issue with encouraging people to gamble (through a paid service) which is why I limit discussion on it as best I can and I don’t reply to DMs asking for tips.

More Data and Analytics

Don’t worry people, you won’t have to undergo a Maths exam to continue watching the sport. The simple truth is the coverage is infinitely better when data is used because it can help explain why a player is performing better over a given period of time or in a specific match. Educating those who are watching should be a primary objective of the coverage.

I’ll offer a quick example. Thiem has markedly improved on hard court surfaces, especially the slightly faster surfaces towards the end of the year, but why? Well he seems to be hitting the ball with less spin and flatter as a consequence, but instead of me giving that as a theory it can be proven: (cc: @d_modlinski – he’s a must-follow on Twitter)


Less Ben Rothenberg

Because it just makes sense.

The Podcast Crowdfunds

As I’ve said on Twitter it’s that time of year where people want you to help them with donations so you can pay for them to travel the world watching events. Is it too much to ask they show proof of where the funds are going?

Especially if they’re asking for £50,000.

The ITF, the ATP/WTA & anyone else involved to fix the Davis/Fed Cup & ATP Cup nonsense

I’ll sun up the chances with this picture:



On a personal note:

I’ve never really bothered writing before as it doesn’t come naturally to me, so I’d like to say thanks to all those who have read anything I’ve written these year and for the kind words I’ve received now and again about some of the blogs I’ve written. Not too sure if I’ll continue so wanted to say a quick thanks.

Enjoy the rest of your year and I’ll see you on Twitter in time for the new season.



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