ITF Rankings

I’m going to write a super short blog before I put together a much longer version in the next day or two.

In that blog I’ll try and envision how a junior in their last year of eligibility with minimal outside support (federations/sponsors etc), can make it as a pro.

Currently as it stands there is no teenagers in the ITF top 25 rankings. As a result you are continually seeing guys in their mid 20’s who have grinded away at the $15k events take up direct acceptance spots that the ITF rankings offer (5 spots total) in $25k events.

Often this is in place of guys of a similar age with a higher ATP ranking. It’s ridiculous and makes no sense. I’ll leave it there for now before I expand on this issue in another blog.

Finally there are techinally tournaments starting in January, but as these finish next month I’ll just post “end month” rankings tomorrow once I’ve seen them updated.

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