Plans for 2019

I am looking forward to attending a number of smaller tournaments this year and will list those below. I am looking to write match reports, take photos and just generally bring more awareness to people of the sport at a level in which it often gets zero coverage.

I don’t expect many people will read this blog but if anyone does and they have recommendations of tournaments to see and visit please get in contact and let me know!

Currently I am due to attend tournaments in Shrewsbury and Glasgow. Shrewsbury is a $60k women’s event whilst Glasgow is a men’s/women’s event at the $25k level. I wanted to go to the Rennes CH at the end of the month but having just looked at the state of my passport I need a new one so we’ll have to see when that arrives.

I’m going to set myself a goal of completing a blog by Friday on junior tennis and will try do a blog twice a week on tennis related topics.

I’m finding it enjoyable writing and whilst I know I won’t get many people who read what I do, I intend to carry it on for the whole of 2019. I am saying and writing these things so I do not back out!

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